About Hippie-Trail

Hippie Trail's journey began in October 2022, inspired by my personal exploration into the world of mindful living during my travels through Thailand. Enchanted by the abundance of handmade, sustainable products, particularly in clothing and fabrics, my connection with the local artisans and their craft ignited the idea for my slow fashion brand. The pivotal moment occurred when I crossed paths with Quin, who introduced me to skilled tailors in Northern Thailand, bringing my vision to life.

Upon returning to The Netherlands, my home, I made the decision to establish and promote the appreciation I had discovered during my travels. Collaborating with artisans from Thailand and the places I had visited, I sought to blend their skillful experience with wisdom and traditions, resulting in the creation of unique and ethnic crafts that continue to be crafted today. Additionally, I am dedicated to infusing my Afghan heritage into my designs and persistently searching for artisans along the Hippie Trail Road to collaborate with, ensuring a continued journey of cultural exploration and mindful craftsmanship.

My background as a nurse, spanning 12 years in healthcare, has played a vital role in shaping my mission with Hippie Trail. The compassion and care ingrained in my nursing experience seamlessly weave into the ethos of Hippie Trail. Much like tending to the well-being of individuals in healthcare, my commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in fashion is an extension of that same care for people, communities, animals, and our planet.

My story with Hippie Trail reflects a commitment to mindful living. Exploring diverse cultures near and far, I marveled at the beauty of lands and their inhabitants, fostering a deep appreciation for authentic arts and crafts. This connection with local artisans and nature led me to the realization that the beauty of life is intricately linked to our respect for nature, recognizing our integral part in the greater whole.

Hippie Trail is more than a creator of clothing and accessories; it is a mission rooted in compassion. We consider ourselves warriors dedicated to making the world a better place. Our primary goal is to use our crafts to bring about positive change for those seeking an authentic way of life, all while raising awareness.