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Ava pants

Ava pants

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Ava pants

Introducing our Ava Pants, a stylish addition to your wardrobe that effortlessly embodies free-spirited elegance in a natural color. These comfy pants let you create your unique look with side splits easily adjusted by coconut buttons. The stretchy waist and handy pockets ensure comfort and practicality.

Made from good-quality, locally sourced raw cotton, these pants are light, durable, and breathable. They keep you cool and comfy all day, absorbing moisture and releasing it quickly. The design allows excellent airflow for extra comfort.

What makes our Ava Pants special is where they come from – carefully handmade by women tailors working from home. This setup reduces stress and helps them support their families and kids' education. By choosing these pants, you're supporting women artisans in remote communities.

Each pair is crafted with care, creating a lovely final look. These pants match well with other earth-toned designs in our collection, making them a versatile addition to your sustainable wardrobe. Make a statement with your fashion choices – choose Ava Pants for ethical and eco-friendly style.

Models' Height & Size:
- 158 cm and usually wears size XS/S

Fit Notes:
Ava Pants is a loose-fit design with an elasticated waist and pockets that fit your phone.

Garment Measurements:
- Waist: 61-86 cm
- Hip: Up to 102 cm
- Length: 102 cm

Garment Care:
To keep your clothes lasting longer and help the environment, handwash them in cold water whenever you can. If hand-washing isn't an option, use a gentle cycle with cold water or low heat in the machine. Your clothes and the planet will thank you.

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