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Naz short

Naz short

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Naz Shorts: Comfort with Playful Style

Discover our Naz Shorts, designed for playfulness and ultimate comfort. Naz Shorts are available in three variants, each with unique features. You can choose between muslin cotton, raw cotton, or a linen-cotton-hemp blend.

Muslin Cotton:
Muslin cotton gives the clothing a silky-smooth feel and a pleasant texture on the skin. This fabric is highly breathable, effectively absorbs moisture, and releases it quickly, allowing air to circulate well and keeping you comfortable all day. Additionally, it creates a lightly wrinkled effect, adding an extra Boho vibe to the clothing.

Raw Cotton:
Our raw cotton variant provides a natural feel and is gentle on the skin.

Linen and Cotton Blend with Hemp:
Linen, combined with cotton and hemp, dries even faster than cotton, making it ideal for hot summer days. Additionally, linen generally lasts longer, especially with proper care. Each wash enhances the fabric's strength and suppleness.

Choose Naz Shorts and experience comfort combined with a playful and stylish look. Explore the variant that suits you best and enjoy high-quality materials for every season.


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