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Hippie Trail

Silk Thread Macramé Handwoven Bracelet

Silk Thread Macramé Handwoven Bracelet

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Explore our Silk Thread Macramé Handwoven Bracelet – a stylish accessory that not only adds flair to your look but also carries a touch of eco-consciousness, courtesy of Hippie Trail. We're all about embracing the slow fashion movement and making choices that are both chic and planet-friendly.

This bracelet boasts a trendy design, carefully crafted with silk thread using the ancient art of macramé. The result? A fashionable piece that effortlessly complements your unique style.

What makes this bracelet even more special is its sustainability. The silk thread we use is selected for its eco-friendly qualities. Handwoven through the art of macramé, each bracelet is a unique creation, reducing environmental impact by avoiding mass production.

Choose our Silk Thread Macramé Handwoven Bracelet for a touch of style that's also kind to the Earth. Join us on the Hippie Trail, where fashion seamlessly intertwines with sustainability.
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